Internal Family Systems Sessions


IFS Overview

Internal Family Systems is a radical, non-pathologizing approach to psycho-spiritual healing for individuals, couples, and communities. The model "views a person as containing an ecology of relatively discrete minds, each of which has valuable qualities and each of which is designed to -- and wants to -- play a valuable role within. These parts are forced out of their valuable roles, however, by life experiences that can reorganize the system in unhealthy ways." IFS also asserts that "everyone is at their core a Self containing many crucial leadership qualities such as perspective, confidence, compassion, and acceptance. When working with an individual, the goal of IFS is to differentiate this Self from the parts, thereby releasing its resources. When the individual is in the state of Self, we can work together to help the parts out of their extreme roles." You can learn more about the model here.

My Approach

My approach to Internal Family Systems work is deeply grounded in the technique, but also incorporates my years of experience with movement, body awareness, meditation, and anti-oppression work. I've found that the IFS process can be greatly aided by increasing body awareness and ease in one's body, developing gentle focus and the ability to be with what is present in the moment in a open and loving way through meditation techniques, and understanding the ways in which oppressive social systems may have contributed to ongoing suffering within, including through internalized racism, classism, misogyny, ableism, and homophobia. Continued stress of living under capitalism in a deeply unjust and unequal society can activate parts that might feel helpless, hopeless, and useless, but through IFS work and the process of developing awareness of our reactions and activations, we can begin to heal and learn to access the calm, compassionate confidence to have perspective and courage as we navigate inside these circumstances. 

IFS addresses any psycho-spiritual difficulty using the same model, however I do have particular interest and experience with self-esteem issues, sex and sexuality, eating disorders and body image, career change/confusion, difficulty in romantic partnerships,  white guilt/fragility, and activist issues/burn out.


I offer sessions on a sliding scale $50-120 to make this healing work accessible to most people. Any amount on this scale is gratefully accepted. I do my sessions in person at my private space in downtown Troy, NY, or online via the meeting platform Zoom. 

To learn more or to book a session please contact me.