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State/s, Body, Treasure 2

In this 6-week class series we’ll explore a number of practices for accessing and playing in/with the intelligence of the body. We’ll approach this work both as individual bodies, and as a community body/intersection of bodies & energies. 

Relaxation, touch, focus, awareness, alignment, duration, disorientation, repetition, dream states, non-verbal communication, emptiness/nothingness, ritual and rhythmic entrainment will be threaded throughout our process. We’ll engage in both open-ended containers for exploration (practices that include interpretation/improvisation) and more choreographically specified work (practices in which I give you set actions to experiment inside of). 

This class will retain some of that fun-loving, sweaty vibe of my ongoing class radial diamond kinetics, while going deeper into the state-based, improvisatory, and physical/energetic alignment elements of my work, with a consistent and dedicated group over a 6-week period. 

No dance/performance experience necessary and the class can be adapted for many bodies/abilities. 

Oakwood Community Center, Troy



To reserve your spot please Venmo @Hana-vanderKolk or PayPal hjvanderkolk (at) gmail (dot) com

Later Event: July 3
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