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evening practice Hudson


Part non-denominational community ritual, part introspective/meditation practice, part body positive workout, part dance improvisation laboratory,  radial diamond kinetics is a multi-dimensional body/heart/mind practice. We move within to connect with and listen to ourselves—to subconscious, intuitive, dream-scape intelligence—and move out to witness and move with one another, building non-verbal communication, trust, and cooperation potentialities. The trajectory of our time together includes a good, sweaty work out that encompasses kinesthetic awareness, stretching, strengthening, and cardio, as well as various approaches to weaving our somatic/body enjoyment, intelligence, and exploration together with our social, political, and spiritual selves and community. No dance experience necessary and the practice can be adapted to many bodies and abilities. Wear comfortable clothing.

Sadhana Yoga, Hudson, NY

$10-20 sliding scale (cash or Venmo: @Hana-vanderKolk)

Many teachers and colleagues work informs radial diamond kinetics. I do my best to acknowledge my biggest influences in every class, though there are so many and some of the threads are not entirely traceable, so it does not always happen entirely. My background is in North American and European experimental dance and performance art, but this lineage is laced with complex dynamics of hybridization, influence, and appropriation from Eastern contemplative and movement practices, West African dance forms, Black American social dance, and European folk dance/ritual, among others. In a longer workshop such as this one, I do my best to name the complex histories of movement & meditation forms and practices being learned, borrowed, hybridized, and appropriated under white supremacy, while acknowledging the impossibility of entirely pulling apart the influences and arriving at some kind of pure and moral movement of the body or state of being. My intention with rdk is to offer participants a multifaceted body/mind/heart/community practice that invites them into an expanded relationship with themselves and other bodies, rather than to learn or master a particular form or be able to claim expertise of any kind.

Earlier Event: January 14
morning workout
Later Event: June 16
extended rdk practice