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extended rdk practice

radial diamond kinetics at Random Harvest Market in Craryville, NY!

Part non-denominational community ritual, part introspective/meditation practice, part body positive workout, part dance improvisation laboratory,  radial diamond kinetics is a multi-dimensional body/heart/mind practice. We move within to connect with and listen to ourselves—to subconscious, intuitive, dream-scape intelligence—and move out to witness and move with one another, building non-verbal communication, trust, and cooperation potentialities.

This particular iteration of rdk will focus on stillness, waiting, listening, and deep rest as essential activities in the process of uncovering one’s capacity to respond spontaneously and collaboratively to self, other, and surroundings. Our time together will include a simple, sweaty work out focused on clarity, coordination, endurance, and restoration, as well as approaches to touch, collaboration and improvisation that invite us to weave our somatic/body enjoyment, intelligence, and exploration together with our social, political, and spiritual selves and community.

If you are a seasoned rdk practitioner, this will be a great opportunity to go more into the subtleties of the practice and to dive a bit deeper into applications for the work outside of the studio. If you are new to rdk this will be a great introduction and overview. No dance experience necessary and the practice can be adapted to many bodies and abilities.

Wear comfortable clothing (probably not skirts, belts, or clothing that restricts your movement).

Sliding scale $15-50, email hjvanderkolk-at-gmail-dot-com to register

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